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How To Be Car Safe This Season

Cars are assets and they are of great value to its owner. The feeling of independence you feel behind the wheel is thrilling. This season, peculiar for the festivity, is a period to be very cautious about the security of your vehicle.  Here are a few ways you can make sure your car is safe this season.

  1. Ensure Your Car is Locked

This season, be extra cautious about locking your car. The modern central lock system is common in vehicles. It gives a certain sound when it is being locked or opened. Listen for this sound. If something is wrong it may be an indication that something is wrong with the lock. When you lock your car, check through the window to be sure it locks properly. You can also pull on the door to confirm that it’s locked. Consciously do this to ensure that your car is properly locked.

  1. Ensure Your Car is Properly Parked

Be sure to take note of where and how you park your car. This season filled with a lot of celebrations and get-togethers is a time where thieves stray from one destination to the other. They try to almost blend in and look inconspicuous. Ease your anxiety over your car by parking close to where you are. Try to park under a streetlight so that you are sure that your vehicle will be under light if you stay out late. If you are at a restaurant, try to park as close to the place as possible. It will be easy to sigh from the window. When you visit neighborhoods, try to park near a building that is occupied. Endeavour to park where there are people so if something goes wrong, someone will notice. When visiting malls, try to park as close to the entrance as possible.

  1. Ensure your Belongings are Properly Kept

Take care of your belongings. Don’t keep your bag or purse where it can be easily snatched. Keep your things in the boot. Avoid placing your purse or jacket on the dashboard or on the seat. These things attract thieves and can cause them to  break into your car. Also make sure that when you carry important documents, they are safely kept as well.

  1. Ensure Your Keys are Properly Kept.

Try not to leave your keys lying around. Avoid keeping your keys on open surfaces. Don’t keep them in conspicuous places or near windows. Thieves can sight these things and take them from the window. Even when your keys are in your pocket, be conscious of which pocket it’s in. It’s also advisable to keep your keys out of your bedroom so as to avoid attack by robbers.

  1. Check Your Number Plates Frequently

Pay attention to your number plates. Car thieves or other criminals steal number plates for their own use. They put them on their own cars and carry out various crimes. These crimes may then be traced back to you because of the number plates. If you notice that your number plates are missing, report immediately to the appropriate authorities. Not doing so may lead you to being accused of a crime you know nothing about.

  1. Ensure Your Engine is Turned Off

No matter how briefly you leave your car, make sure the engine is turned off. It only takes a thief a few seconds to get away with a car that is still running.

In the midst of all the fun times and festivities, don’t forget about your car. If something does happen, ensure to report immediately. Ask a friend for help and use their car to drive around the area and nearby. Chances are they may not have gone far. Wishing you a car safe season! Happy Holidays!

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  • Layla Oliver

    Car are precious property for car owners. So they never wants their car get theft. It is better to keep your key near you. Try to avoid keeping your keys on open surfaces. Don’t keep them in visible places or near windows. Thieves are always fond of this type of mistake, because it is helpful for them. Even when your keys are in your pocket, be conscious of which pocket it’s in. It’s also preferable to keep your keys out of your bedroom for avoiding attack by thieves.

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