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You can now use our pre-purchase inspection services when you want to buy a used car ..

Are you looking to buy a Used Car? We offer pre purchase inspection services to vehicle intended owners. Our professionals have handled inspections of wide range of vehicles. Hence, we will help save you a lot more by assisting you towards making the right decision.


Inspection price

Pre - Purchase Inspection costs N10,000.00 only.


When you use IKOKUONLINE for your inspection, we make sure you get a full check, diagnostics and scan report of the vehicle. We will also provide any part and install any part that is necessary for you to buy an "almost brand new car".


We offer body works and all other services you may require for your "almost brand new car".

After Purchase we will help you keep track of routine maintenance and any other maintenance you might require.


Please call us on 08149906444 to speak to any of our agents and start buying.


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