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When driving in a foggy weather, these tips would help keep you safe

The hammerttan season is mostly popular in Nigeria, where other countries have show, we have hammerttan breeze. This season often lasts for a couple of months So here are some ways you can protect yourself while having to drive in the Harmattan season:

1. Keep a safe distance

Normally I would use the 2 seconds rule to keep the distance with other vehicles and extend to 5 if the Harmattan wind blows by. Also, drive slower than your usual pace and only attempt to overtake if your view is absolutely clear.

2. Use the defroster

During this period, it's absolutely crucial that you keep your vision clear and get rid of any moisture on the windshield as frequent as possible.

3. Use the fog lights

In general, most cars are equipped with fog lights right out of the manufacturing site, if yours is not, please get one as soon as possible ( from our lights and bulbs section ).

They are often positioned at the bottom low of the car, near the front bumper. They differ from regular lights for some reasons. The coverage area of fog lights are wider due to its function - to get the driver to see the edges and the surface of the road clearly while regular light's range is longer and stronger so that the driver can see far ahead.

Also, the lenses of fog lights are generally yellow, compared to the translucent one of the driving light. While you are driving in bad conditions, try to find a combination between the two and see which works best for you.

4. Use the low beam lights

If you don't have a fog light installed yet, you can use the low beam light as an alternative to seeing the road more clearly. This is due to the reflection of the high beam from the fog would interfere with your driving. When you feel like the fog lifts slightly, you can switch to high beam light and check.

5. Stay in the lane

When your vision is compromised, it's easy to get panic and drive uncontrollably. Try your best to avoid this, turn on the fog light and follow the road lines closely. If necessary, follow the side of the road or stop altogether and wait for the weather to get better before continue driving.

6. Ask for help

If you have tried everything above and still cannot manage to get out of the fog, try calling for emergency help or ask fellow motorists to lend you a helping hand. Call our customer care line on 0814-9906-444

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