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Toyota vs Honda: Battle of the Brands and their Models


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Toyota and Honda have a long history as the highest quality car makers in the world. Being two separate Japanese automotive companies, the vehicles that have been featured in their product line ups have gained global acceptance from car lovers looking for quality and reliability amongst other things in an automobile.

 Toyota has been around for a while. Established in 1937, the brand is the world's largest car company with over 10 million cars sold annually. The automaker has a full line of cars, SUVs, trucks, and minivans under its belt with each adaptive to their target market.

Honda, on its own part, came into the car scene in 1948. The company is a multinational producer of automobiles, motorcycles, and aircraft. Honda is the sixth largest automaker, selling 4.5 million cars annually.

Over the years, we’ve seen the rivalry that exists between these two brands as both are strong contenders in the automotive industry. For every model Toyota produces, Honda seems to have a direct response to it, if not all. This is something a lot of folks aren't even aware of. 

Now, if you're going to ask if Honda is directly targeting Toyota's top spot; we don't have an answer for that. What we know is that rivalry is prevalent in every industry out there.

Having said that, this article will be highlighting the models that are battling each other from Toyota and Honda camps.

Let's see them.

Toyota vs Honda: Battle of the Brands and their Models

Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic

For the past decades, the Civic model has battled the Corolla model for supremacy in the compact car segment. However, the crowd seems to tilt towards Toyota Corolla making it the most sought after model in that segment.


Toyota introduced the Corolla in 1974. The model is in its 12th generation at present and has sold 47 million units worldwide.

The Honda Civic was ahead of the Corolla as it was introduced in 1972. This Civic has gotten a spot for itself in the Nigerian automotive industry as an adventurous car. The Civic model is currently in its 10th generation and has sold out 16.5 million units in the global market.

Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord

The Toyota Camry is slugging it out with the formidable Honda Accord as a mid-size sedan. We’re sure shoppers desirous of a spacious car with an impressive specification for efficiency will find it difficult to select among the models. Both models have enjoyed patronage from car buyers. And not forgetting to mention that the Camry and Honda model has hilarious nicknames given to them here in the country.


The Honda Accord is in its 11th generation, having being launched in 1976.

Toyota launched its Camry in 1983, serving as a replacement for the Corona model. And now, the model is in its eighth generation.

Toyota Highlander vs Honda Pilot

Nigerians love Sports Utility Vehicle (SUVs) because of its imposing unibody, functionality, and ruggedness. A perfect fit for Nigerian roads. The Highlander and Pilot models are one of the best 3-row family SUVs you can find in the auto market. However, the Toyota Highlander is a favorite of car shoppers. Well, you can say Nigerians have a thing for Toyota products than other brands out there.


Toyota introduced its Highlander model in 2000. From then till present, the model has gone through four generations.

The Pilot was launched in 2002 to compete with the Highlander in the SUV segment. The model is in its third generation presently and happens to be the largest SUV produced by Honda.

Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V

Drivers always choose crossovers for a number of reasons. They are stylish, offers ample room and an adventurous ride.

Toyota produced the RAV4 in 1994 as a compact crossover SUV, to meet the needs of customers looking for increased cargo room, versatility and maneuverability of a compact car. Launched in 1994, the RAV4 is one of Toyota's oldest model. The crossover SUV is in its fifth generation.


The Honda CR-V shared the same platform with the Civic, though built as a crossover SUV in 1995. That's a year after Toyota rolled out its Rav4. The CR-V is in its fifth generation and has evolved to become one of the most sought after crossovers in the market.

Toyota Yaris vs Honda City

The Yaris and City models from the two automotive giants were built as supermini/subcompact cars to cater to a global audience. Car enthusiasts looking for an affordable mini size ride wouldn't mind making a choice between both models.

 Toyota Yaris, which was introduced in 1999, has been debuted under different nameplates in various auto markets across the globe. It was released as Toyota Vitz to the Asian market and took up the name Toyota Echo in Australia. The model arrived in Europe as the Toyota Yaris. The automaker finally discontinued the other names and settled for Yaris worldwide in 2019. The Toyota Yaris is currently in its fourth generation.


The Honda City came on board in 1981. And from then till now, it has gone through seven generations. The City was built on Honda's Global Small Car platform. The seventh generation Honda City was produced under the compact segment. However, it still competes with other subcompact cars.

Toyota Sienna vs Honda Odyssey

Minivans are the top choices of people with large families and also transport service providers in Nigeria. Its roominess, comfort, and class is the minivan's selling point.

Toyota introduced the Sienna model in 1997 as a family-friendly minivan. Its 2020 model is under the fourth generation. Though the Sienna is based on an old platform when compared with the Odyssey, the Toyota nameplate makes it stand out.


The Odyssey was launched in 1994 as the first minivan from Honda's product line up. The model shared the same platform with the Accord model on its first introduction. Presently, the Honda Odyssey is in its fifth generation.

Wrapping it up

The battle for supremacy between the Toyota and Honda brand has been going on for more than 20 years and it's not about to stop anytime soon. So, whichever camp you're leaning towards, know that both brands are unarguably producers of classy, reliable, and durable cars.

So there you have them!

Did we skip any model from both brands? Do let us know in the comment section.

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