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Top 10 Best Korean Car Batteries - Updated 2023

In Nigeria, Car owners always ask for korean made car batteries. Due to the fact that they are durable and have been proven to stand the test of time while being affordable. Here we have listed Top 10 Korean Batteries that many Nigerian call for when they want to buy a battery. The common battery sizes are 62Ah, 65Ah, 75Ah 80Ah, 90Ah and 100Ah 150Ah sizes. Causes of car battery failure is common and that is why we have put up this content. Note that this is from our experience in selling car batteries over the years till 2023. If you think we missed anyone please do well to comment. So in no particular order, here they are

1. Everstart

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2. Hankook

Buy Hankook Battery Here

3. Delkor

Buy Delkor Battery Here

4. Solite

Buy Solite Battery Here

5. Metro

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6. Pioneer

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7. Ac Diamond

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8. Sebang

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9. Starter

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In the end, korean car batteries have been built tough for our cars and use in Nigeria. There are Chinese and European manufactured car batteries that will also last for you. You should work with your budget, make sure your charging system (alternator) is in good working condition and buy from the right place like Ikokuonline. If you think we missed and one please do well to comment. We sell every other car part you might require. Visit our shop here and search for any car part or call us on 0906 919 6864 to help you pick the best car battery for your car.

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