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5 Reasons Why We Love The New 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross: Corolla Meets SUV


At Ikokuonline one of the things we have to do to keep you loving us is to keep up to date with every new car that pops up. So having seen the new 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross, we want to tell you 5 reasons why we love it and why you probably should.


The Toyota Corolla Cross SUV combines sturdy looking exterior and spacious interior in a manner that exceeds customer expectations.
Toyota has added the new Corolla Cross compact SUV to its Corolla series at a global premiere held in Thailand. The compact SUV will be launched in a growing number of other markets, going forward.

1. Corolla Meets SUV

Corolla Meets SUV is the key phrase behind the development of the Corolla Cross. The model has been designed as a new type of SUV that combines dignified sturdiness in the exterior and utility on the inside.

2. Sophisticated Appearance

The Corolla Cross features a powerful, sleek, and sophisticated appearance.The imposing and powerful front and rear, sturdy front fender underscore the SUV’s sense of energy.

3. TNGA Platform

It has a relaxed side view that hints at a spacious interior and underlines the car's status. The TNGA platform (GA-C) has enabled the Corolla Cross to achieve high-quality performance, a comfortable ride, and outstanding quietness.

4. Spacious Cabin

In addition to its exceptional comfort, the Corolla Cross provides a spacious cabin, easy entry into and exit from the car, class-leading luggage space suitable for all scenarios, and safety equipment inherited from the Corolla series.

5. Efficient Fuel Consumption

Its efficient Fuel consumption, that we have loved since its inception wasn't not taken away from us even with this studding lovely look. The Corolla Cross uses the 1.8 Liter 4 cylinder engine.


Since its launch in Japan in 1966, the Corolla series has sold a total of 48 million units or more, in more than 150 countries and regions around the world. Now with the Corolla Cross SUV, a new member has been added to the family.

This is a perfect addition to the army of cars that deal with our Nigerian roads and still look cool and rugged while at it. We are waiting for you Corolla!

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