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Getting Your Gearbox Fixed: What Every Car Owner Should Know

In the bustling world of car repairs, one component that demands careful consideration is the gearbox. As a car owner, ensuring your vehicle's gearbox is in top-notch condition is essential for smooth rides and extended car life. Let's delve into the nuances of gearbox repairs and what every car owner needs to know.



when it comes to repairing or replacing a gearbox, there are a few important factors to consider in the Nigerian context. Finding the right gearbox and ensuring its proper installation is essential for a smooth ride. In the Nigerian auto spare part hub, where the auto spare part industry thrives with individual mechanics and shop owners, there are a few key pointers every car owner should know before diving into gearbox replacement.

At Ikokuonline, if a car owner calls, intending to get his gearbox replaced, it's not enough to tell us or another vendor the client's car make, year or model. It is also important to tell us how many pins the gearbox uses. Pins in the gearbox vary in number. Some Gearboxes have 18 pins while others have 13.

Factors to Consider When Repairing or Replacing Your Gearbox


The Power of Partnership: You and Your Mechanic

When it's time to address your gearbox concerns, having an experienced mechanic by your side is invaluable. An Experienced mechanic is your best ally.
Bringing your trusted mechanic along during the purchase or installation can save you a lot of hassle. While it is great
if your mechanic can accompany you to the spare part market, fear not if they can't make it. Just remember your mechanic's insights can help you make the best choices for your car. Make sure you follow their advice on the right type of gearbox oil to use--Remember, gearbox oil is not your regular motor oil.

The Vital Role of Gearbox Oil

Gearbox oil is not your everyday motor oil. It is a specialized fluid that keeps your gearbox running smoothly. Make sure you use the specific type of gearbox oil recommended by your mechanic. This little detail can make a big difference in your car's performance.

Pinpointing the Perfect Fit: Number of Pins Matters

Gearboxes come in various shapes and sizes. Not all gearboxes are created equal, and those pins play a pivotal role. Pins, those often-underestimated components, come in various numbers, like 18 or 13. To avoid confusion, specify the number of pins your gearbox uses. Correct sizes of Pins are crucial for proper fit. Whether your car rocks an 18-pin or 13-pin gearbox, this detail ensures the right match.

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The Gentle Touch of Installation

Installing a gearbox is a delicate operation, and it's best handled with care. At Ikokuonline, We prioritize precision. While we understand that you might want to leave the installation to us, it is important that you give us specific details about the vehicle in question. details could include vehicle model, year of manufacture, engine type etc.. Gearboxes are a significant investment, both in terms of cost and weight, so quality installation is key.

Show Your Mechanic Some Love

Experienced Mechanics play a vital role in ensuring your car's gearbox operates flawlessly. Chimezie, an auto-spare parts Dealer expert said:
" Any mechanic wey try fix your gearbox for you, you suppose give am small thing. small thing wey no small pass 5k. if you no do am, him fit no carry him mind fix the tin well for you. As you carry your motor go, engine don knock" ----Chimezie.  
This not only motivates them to give their best but also ensures a thorough installation process.

The Aftermath: Troubleshooting and Patience

Sometimes, even with the best efforts, issues arise after installation. If your vehicle isn't performing optimally, be patient. Rushed installation might lead to problem down the Road. Based on Norms, Chimezie also advised that A car that has the gear box to be fixed needs to be parked already for some hours allowing the system to cool off. After Fixing and installation, the oil can be applied and the engine let to steam for some few minutes. failure to heed to this, could lead to an engine failure.


Your car's gearbox is more than just metal and gears; It's the heart of your vehicle's performance. In the Nigerian Auto situation, understanding the importance of partnering with a skilled mechanic/Ikokuonline, using the right gearbox oil specifying the number of pins and appreciating diligent installation can make all the difference. With these insights, you're well on your way to a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience

As a vehicle owner, don't compromise your car's safety and performance. Shop now for all your diagnosis, car parts, and accessories needs at Ikokuonline, or call us to place an order on  09069186864...